Adaptation Atlas

This solution addresses procurement of resilient infrastructure technology and services in cities around the world for city decision-makers (City Engineers; Chief Resilience Officers; Mayors) and private sector resilience innovators (environmental technology companies; engineering firms)

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Problem Description

We live in the era of big data, but data alone is not a solution. Cities can now access endless data about rising sea levels but struggle to find the right flood protection measures to solve the problem. That is because the best-available technologies, projects, and services are often difficult to find and translate to local needs. Moreover, government procurement is not well suited to adaptation projects, often made up of several integrated interventions. Cities need real examples of what is working, where, and for whom. The Adaptation Atlas makes climate data actionable by linking climate impacts to procurable resilience solutions from around the world in an user friendly format, making it easier for cities to learn about solutions and easier for companies to access municipal markets.

Building Blocks


When investing in infrastructure to solve complicated adaptation challenges, Mayors, City Engineers and Chief Resilience Officers ask two main questions: what are my options? And have they worked for other cities? Currently, officials rely on Internet searches, consultants, and word of mouth to answer these questions. The Adaptation Atlas makes that process more systematic and efficient. The Atlas is a single platform where users can explore procurable resilience solutions by searching for a specific project type (i.e. flood protection) or by sourcing projects from cities facing similar climate impacts. The Atlas was built in response to demonstrated need, and the Beta version was met with enthusiasm from large environment and engineering firms and City decision-makers.


  • Adaptation atlas beta homepage
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Organisations Involved

Contributed By

  • Elle Hempen, re:focus partners

Solution Stage

One of the 7 stages of an innovation. Learn more
Making the case4
Business development and evaluation
  • Market sizing, development and testing
  • Business case analysis
  • Identifying cashable savings
  • Prepare to adapt approach, based on evaluation results and user feedback
  • Grant funding or funding out of investment
A stronger case with cost and benefit projections developed through practical trials and experiments, involving potential users
Clarity about what warrants implementation and funding

Key Details

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