A Governance Structure to Support the Mission


“In order to remain true to the social equity components central to Evergreen’s work, the Cleveland Foundation is launching the Evergreen Cooperative Corporation, a kind of “holding company” that will tie together and provide long-term sustainability for the growing network of Evergreen cooperatives, and other related entities, including Laundry Maintenance Technician Keith Parkham from the Evergreen the Evergreen Land Trust, the Evergreen Cooperative Development Fund, and Neighborhood Connections (which runs a hyper-local community newspaper called the Neighborhood Voice). These organizations, each of which serves a supportive role for the project, build on the Evergreen vision. The land trust will work to ensure the availability of strategically located property both for future business expansion and to maintain affordable housing and protect against gentrification—a distant concern in these highly disenfranchised communities, but a possibility the project team wanted to confront head-on. The land trust could also step in and protect Evergreen investments in the case of a business failing and facing foreclosure.”
Quote from: www.community-wealth.org/sites/clone.community-wealth.org/files/downloads/article-wang-filion.pdf

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  • Building Community Wealth through Worker-Owned Businesses

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