Reduce asthma triggers in the home


Asthma affects nearly one million New Yorkers and is the most common chronic respiratory disease in children. More than one in three children with asthma living in high poverty neighborhoods are exposed to potential asthma triggers in the home. Home-based asthma triggers include tobacco smoke, pest infestations, moisture, and mold, as well as some building materials and products. Housing disrepair, such as water leaks, cracks, and holes, create housing conditions conducive to pest infestation and mold growth. Living in pest-free environments is correlated with children having the ability to fulfill their potential; for children with asthma, specific housing interventions have been shown to be effective in reducing allergens, resulting in fewer symptom days, missed school days, and emergency room visits. Secondhand smoke is also a powerful asthma trigger, with exposure occurring when there is a smoker in the household or smoke travels from one apartment to another.
New York City will fund a roof replacement program in NYCHA developments which will address the root causes of mold.

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