Zofnass Information Tool for Urban Water Systems (Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA)


"The Zofnass Information Tool is about enabling communities with information in order to active sustainable urban solutions. Developing non-expert awareness on urban water systems and the intervention opportunities can facilitate the creation of collaborative platforms for different stakeholders involved in cities to work in unison."
Text from: http://zofnass.gsd.harvard.edu/water_infotool/index.html

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    • Data-Driven Insights on Urban Water Systems

      Cities are facing a number of environmental, social, and economic challenges regarding the sustainability of their infrastructure systems. When different city stakeholders refer to different sources of information and have different points of view, it is difficult to identify successful solutions to these challenges. Responding to this need, Harvard’s Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure built the Zofnass Information Tool to enable the city of Chelsea, MA to start a shared dialogue on water infrastructure issues.

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