Train New Yorkers in high-growth industries, creating an inclusive workforce across the city


The Career Pathways report identifies six target sectors for the City’s workforce development efforts, including Healthcare, Technology, Industrial/Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, and Food Service, which account for about half of all jobs in New York City. These sectors offer economic mobility and/or significant potential for both employer and worker benefits through improvements in job quality. They were chosen based on analysis of tax revenue, recent job growth, forecasted job growth, total employment, jobs multipliers, wages, and wage distributions. Healthcare and Technology are high-growth sectors that offer higher-wage, middle- skill jobs. The Industrial/Manufacturing and Construction sectors represent lower-growth sectors that offer relatively well-paying jobs that do not necessarily require high educational attainment. Finally, the Retail and Food Service sectors represent high-growth sectors that employ a large part of the workforce, thus providing the opportunity to aid significant numbers of New Yorkers through improvements in job quality.

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